Wednesday, January 26, 2011



My days all seem to blur together. Each day feels like a carbon copy of the previous day. To help get out of this funk I've decided to compose a blog that will describe what actually did happen during the previous week. It'll also give me a chance to take more pictures with one of my favorite toys and make my mind work in ways that it sometimes doesn't get to.

~ The bathroom is a fun place to explore.  Toilets to splash in, and flush and slam the lid over and over.  Tanner plays in the drawers that are closest to the door. They hold all of Grandma Florence's vacation toiletries. One day he closed the door and then opened these drawers which made it impossible for Brandon and I to get to him.  We had to sit tight, wait for Tanner to close the drawers while he screamed for 1 to 2 minutes.  He finally closed the drawers and I got to play the hero.

~ Weekends are messy.  Trucks, Airplanes, and scooters travel from one room to the next.  Papers, party supplies, books get moved out of the cupboards and put into kitchen drawers.  iPhones disappear to be found later in toy bins. We sometimes eat in the living room.  Bedtime never changes though!  I love weekends.

Poor dogs trying to run away from the chaos.

~With the temps dipping WELL below zero we spend a lot of our time gazing out the window and dreaming of warmer, greener weather.  That's what I dream of anyways.  What Tanner dream's of is the day that he doesn't have to put on a snow suit AND a winter coat AND mittens AND a hat!

Look at that cute little red nose!!!

~My new favorite thing to make with leftover rice and salmon is fried rice!  Such a simple, tasty meal that is sure to please everyone.

~ It takes me forever to commit to getting my hair touched by someone at a salon. I can't really recall any bad experiences in at least 6 or 7 years so I don't know why I'm so resistant. I did finally make an appointment and go in for a wash and trim this week. It was a good experience. My goal is to make it in every two to three months now...not every five to six.

That's right... it looks EXACTLY the same, just feels better! 

~Brandon brought me coffee in this lovely new mug that I'd never seen before.  I haven't been drinking very much coffee these days, maybe half a cup to a cup a day.  It was a treat to be surprised though.  I made a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate in it.  Dark Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Milk.  SIMPLE. It's a great way for me to unwind at the end of the day.

This has been a fun blog post to create.  Can't wait to live some more so I can start the next blog.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

In Search of a Name

I've decided to do a weekly blog about the previous weeks happenings. I'll post the blog on Wednesday's. I need some ideas on what to call the Wednesday blog. A blog that I follow calls her Wednesday blog "HUMP DAY NUGGETS". I'd appreciate any suggestions... look for my blog, regardless of a name, on Wednesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tanner's Past Week

There hasn't been much to report on the home front lately. It's been cold and dark and we just don't seem to get out all that often. I guess you could say we "hunker down" in the winter. ;) I really can't wait for it to warm up enough for us to get outside and play.

Last Tuesday Tanner woke up around 10:00pm screaming!!! I ran into his room and his leg was sticking outside of his crib and was stuck. I had to twist and turn him to get it through. He ended up bruising on both sides of his knee! :( A few nights later I went in to go check on him and found him sleeping sideways in his crib again all cuddled up with Scout. I guess this explains how his leg has the potential to slip out and get stuck.

Tanner spends a lot of time in the kitchen with me. Every meal I cook he finds his way in there and is usually underfoot. His Auntie sent him a Fridge Farm for Christmas. He plays with it a lot and when he's done playing with it the farm animals all jump off the fridge and run in between the wall and the fridge. This happens a few times a day. Poor animals must be scared of my son!

Tanner had a little bit of Christmas money left so I bought him a big pad of paper and a few different styles of coloring crayons. The first time having them out he broke one crayon tip, broke another crayon in half, colored all over the carpet. I think he had fun though. Since coloring he's found a pen and tried coloring on the couch as well as the coffee table. Guess we need to have a little talk about what's appropriate to color with and on!

Over the past week or so Tanner has gotten really great at his walking. He still isn't standing himself up off the floor, but that will come soon. He is very proud of himself. He loves to try to play chase with us... We run behind him saying "Get you!" He squeals and goes as fast as his little legs will take him right now!

A few evenings ago, while reading to Tanner in his room, he got off my lap and walked over to his own rocking chair. It took him a little bit to get into it but once he did he straightened up like a board to reach the floor and tried to rock himself a bit. Then he slid out and did it over and over again. So cute. We have since moved him rocking chair out into the living room. He's such a little poser!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wish I wouldn't have turned...

I hosted an online/book Tupperware party. I was delivering a book to a friend on Monday evening when I got into a little car accident. I went to her house and she wasn't home so I decided to go home and try again later. When I made it to the intersection I decided I'd just go back to her house and leave a book at her door so that I wouldn't have to bother her later. I took a right onto the main road and was going to take a left to drive through a parking lot to turn around and go back to her place. As I was turning left, into the parking lot, a truck decided to pass me at the same time and he hit my drivers side bumper area. It was horrifying to see my car exploding in front of me like that and to see the truck skidding down the road. Tanner and were unharmed. THANK GOD! Now I'm dealing with insurance people trying to fig
ure out who's to blame. It makes me sad. I had been in a big car wreck 7 years ago this month. Not a good time of year for me to be out on the roads I guess.

Brandon says it's fixed... hmmmm