Saturday, January 23, 2016

Christmas Vacation

My goal this year was to have all Christmas shopping done by the end of November so that December wouldn't have any form shopper's anxiety going on.  I did all of my shopping online except for one gift for Brandon and then a few stocking stuffers.  This holiday season was the easiest one yet.  I sent Brandon's gift out on December 8th.  Here it is January 18th, and it still has not arrived.  Booooo.

Tanner's Christmas vacation started December 22nd and my parents arrived late on the 23rd.  My mom and dad celebrated their 36th anniversary on the 24th.  I made them Italian baked shrimp and cheese fondue for dinner.  After dinner we took a drive through Oak Park to see all of the light displays.  After that we drove through a few neighborhoods to look at more Christmas lights.

Dillan cuddled with Beeba

Reading with Meema

Popping Champagne 

Anniversary Fondue

Cheers to 36 years

Christmas Eve
My mom took these Christmas pictures because my phone was being used to FaceTime with Brandon.  The boys got so many fun toys.  More toys than they will probably ever play with.

Dillan had to try on his new undies over his shorts, he was so excited about them.

Duckie with her Christmas loot

For Christmas dinner we cooked up a prime rib, made rolls, had bacon wrapped asparagus and twice baked potatoes.

The days following Christmas were filled with making ginger bread houses with meema and beeba.  Meema and Beeba also took them to the theater to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.

After my parents left we spent the remainder of vacation playing outside, crafting, visiting friends, going to the library, and drinking cocoa.
Dillan wanted marshmallows in his cocoa

They used their own money to buy this paint kit.

Tanner loves playing Sorry.

Jael has an awesome slide in her house.

Grace made us a yummy breakfast.

Playing on the computer at the library.

Do you want to build a snowman?!?


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