Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yard sale!!!

Summer brings one of my favorite past times... yard saling!

It's always so fun to hit the jackpot of a yard sale. The one that has all the clothes in your size, the kitchen stuff you've been looking for, books by your favorite author and that nick-knack that you just can't live without! This weekend my sister-in-law put on our own yard sale. We had a bit of EVERYTHING. Women's, men's kids clothes. Toys. Kitchen. Bathroom. Movies. Books. Walls. Games. Workout Equipment. Tires. Most of it sold! :)

The most beautiful part of the whole experience was on Saturday was that my prayer for a "successful yard sale" was answered It POURED rain up until the start of the yard sale, then it quit. The rain began again at the end of the yard sale. The power of prayer is a strong force!