Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Months Old

Dillan is now two months old. He is very alert. He's got big eyes that love to follow his brothers constant movements as well as fix on our faces. He is getting to the cooing stage and we're getting more and more smiles out of him. Little gummy bear smiles are the best!  He always gives his daddy the biggest smiles.

He's sleeping longer at night.  We've even had him sleep a consecutive 8 hours.  That is not the norm though. 

Tanner loves his little brother so much.  There have been two incidences where his friends have tried to show Dillan affection and he pushed the first kid away and he told the second kid to "move".  He's very protective.  Tanner loves to shake toys in his brothers face and kiss his baby on the head, never on the lips.  He has started saying "hey baby" to get his attention or make him stop fussing.  He also says, "Shhhhhh Dillan" to get him to calm down.  So sweet.  His newest thing is wanting Dillan in the bathtub with him.  Dillan hangs out in his baby tub while Tanner is in the big tub.  Tanner doesn't have much room to play this way, but he doesn't seem to mind. It'll be fun when they can both be in the big tub!

I pumped Dillan his first bottle this weekend... the night of the 8 hours of sleep. Brandon enjoyed feeding the bottle to him.  He chugged it, without any hesitation.  It was surprising to me since he won't have anything to do with a pacifier.  I've since pumped two more bottles worth of milk to put in the freezer. I'll continue to try to stock pile milk in case of an emergency or in case Brandon and I ever want to go out on a date or something. :)

Two Month Checkup

Dillan had his 2 month checkup on Monday.  He is a happy healthy baby.  His stats are;

Weight:  11lb 10 oz ~ 49%
Length:  22 1/2" ~ 33%
Head Circ:  39cm ~ 29%

We talked to Dr. Short about Dillan's diaper rash that he's had since he's been 1.5 weeks old.  We've had Dillan into this pediatrician for this issue before and the remedy that he suggested did not work.  We're going to try another tactic for another 2 weeks or so, if it doesn't work we'll be marching ourselves right back in there for more help.

Dillan seemed to handle the shots well at first.  He slept all the way home and then once home I gave him a bath and nursed him and he fell asleep for a while.  Once he woke though he was in a lot of pain.  Brandon went to Safeway and got him some Tylenol.  Tanner has never needed Tylenol after shots... just another difference in our two children. 

His next appointment is in 2 months. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo Shoot with Tarra Murray Photography

This week we had a photo shoot with Tara Murray Photography.  She is just starting up her business and posted on her Facebook page that she was offering free photography sessions for the month of March to help her build up her portfolio.  What better way to help a friend out plus get some great photos than to let her know we wanted her to take our pictures!
I was certain that we weren't the least bit helpful because Tanner wasn't cooperative, he was being shy and then he started getting hungry and tired. Dillan just wanted to nurse the whole time.  Tara was very sweet and patient with us.  She worked her magic and we ended up with some great pictures!  I can't wait to print some off for the walls!
I'd love to get some more pictures this fall with her. I hope it works out that we can.

8 Weeks Old

Dillan Robert is starting to fill out more and more.I just love his little cheeks. I think he's looking more like Tanner the older he gets.

I've also been taking "month" photos with stickers that indicate how old he is so I'm not sure how long I'll continue with the every 4 "week" photos. I guess it doesn't do any harm to take a few extra pictures... we'll see.

I hope I can continue to swaddle Dillan for a while. I do so LOVE a swaddled babe. 
2 Weeks
4 Weeks
8 Weeks


Instagram has become one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. I love to take pictures with my iPhone, and this app is a fun way to edit and share them. There is a large group of people out there, in the cell phone world, using Instagram and I follow some who take some very interesting and unique photos. (I'm more of an everyday, this is my life, kind of photographer.) The app saves your edited photo to your phone so you can email, text or do whatever you want with it.

I've used my Instagram photos to send Tanner and Dillan's grandparents magnet photos using a website called Stickygram. I've sent one post card using the app Postagram that I used an Instagram photo for.

Here are SOME of the Instagram pictures that I have on my iPhone.

I hope I've inspired some of you to at least check out the app! If you get it FOLLOW me and I'll FOLLOW you! :)