Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Week in Photos

A FEW of the things that made our week special.

On Monday, I had just gotten home from picking Tanner up at school, when I got a phone call. The caller told me she had a few questions about my application to the YMCA. I interrupted her and told her that I had not applied for a membership at the YMCA. She asked if she had the correct name, phone number and birthday on file, which she did.  Once again, I told her I had not applied for a membership.  We both sat on the line, in silence for a minute and then I said, "You are telling me my Christmas present!" I started to laugh because I was excited and thought it was funny this woman had spilled the beans. She kept repeating "Oh no, I'm so sorry!" I assured her I'd act surprised when my husband told me what he'd done!
Brandon wanted me to have a place to go to workout and chance to be around people. I have plenty of workout DVD's, a treadmill, a spin bike and weights.  My boys love to interrupt every workout with questions, fights, and every other little thing they can think of.  Brandon wanted me to have a daycare to drop the boys at, specifically Dillan, so that I could get a little break from them. I have many friends offering to watch the boys, but I'm not good at leaving them. If my boys are going to be at my friends' house, I want to be there too, so I can chat and have fun.  Paying the daycare a small fee, to watch Dillan for up to two hours a day, is awesome for me!
I have already taken a spin class and have gone into the gym to work out on the cardio equipment and weight machines, numerous times.  My favorite reward for a good workout is.... the sauna!  Ahhhhhh!  I also took the boys swimming there, this week, which they loved!

I downloaded YouTube Kids onto the iPad.  Tanner has discovered mass amounts of science related videos to watch.  He watches all sorts of experiments, every chance he gets.  He asked if we could do an experiment. I found a simple Borax crystal activity for us to do. 

"I caught the feather for Meema!" (He lost it during story time at the library.)

The best helpers... for 5 minutes.

Ralphy popped up all over the place this week.  Both kids kept saying, "I bet Ralphy will be hiding in my room tomorrow.", so of course we had to make that happen.

Tanner refused to dress in his room with Ralphy watching.

The hardest to find.


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