Monday, January 17, 2011

Tanner's Past Week

There hasn't been much to report on the home front lately. It's been cold and dark and we just don't seem to get out all that often. I guess you could say we "hunker down" in the winter. ;) I really can't wait for it to warm up enough for us to get outside and play.

Last Tuesday Tanner woke up around 10:00pm screaming!!! I ran into his room and his leg was sticking outside of his crib and was stuck. I had to twist and turn him to get it through. He ended up bruising on both sides of his knee! :( A few nights later I went in to go check on him and found him sleeping sideways in his crib again all cuddled up with Scout. I guess this explains how his leg has the potential to slip out and get stuck.

Tanner spends a lot of time in the kitchen with me. Every meal I cook he finds his way in there and is usually underfoot. His Auntie sent him a Fridge Farm for Christmas. He plays with it a lot and when he's done playing with it the farm animals all jump off the fridge and run in between the wall and the fridge. This happens a few times a day. Poor animals must be scared of my son!

Tanner had a little bit of Christmas money left so I bought him a big pad of paper and a few different styles of coloring crayons. The first time having them out he broke one crayon tip, broke another crayon in half, colored all over the carpet. I think he had fun though. Since coloring he's found a pen and tried coloring on the couch as well as the coffee table. Guess we need to have a little talk about what's appropriate to color with and on!

Over the past week or so Tanner has gotten really great at his walking. He still isn't standing himself up off the floor, but that will come soon. He is very proud of himself. He loves to try to play chase with us... We run behind him saying "Get you!" He squeals and goes as fast as his little legs will take him right now!

A few evenings ago, while reading to Tanner in his room, he got off my lap and walked over to his own rocking chair. It took him a little bit to get into it but once he did he straightened up like a board to reach the floor and tried to rock himself a bit. Then he slid out and did it over and over again. So cute. We have since moved him rocking chair out into the living room. He's such a little poser!


At January 17, 2011 at 1:19 PM , Blogger Auntie M said...

They change so quickly at this age!! It is fun to get in on his changes and challanges!

At January 17, 2011 at 2:34 PM , Blogger Florence said...

He is such a sweetie! Love how he is growing and changing before our eyes...miss him!

At January 17, 2011 at 3:33 PM , Blogger SJT said...

haha spencer was sleeping like that last night too! Tanner always looks so happy in his pics! :)


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