Friday, January 14, 2011

Wish I wouldn't have turned...

I hosted an online/book Tupperware party. I was delivering a book to a friend on Monday evening when I got into a little car accident. I went to her house and she wasn't home so I decided to go home and try again later. When I made it to the intersection I decided I'd just go back to her house and leave a book at her door so that I wouldn't have to bother her later. I took a right onto the main road and was going to take a left to drive through a parking lot to turn around and go back to her place. As I was turning left, into the parking lot, a truck decided to pass me at the same time and he hit my drivers side bumper area. It was horrifying to see my car exploding in front of me like that and to see the truck skidding down the road. Tanner and were unharmed. THANK GOD! Now I'm dealing with insurance people trying to fig
ure out who's to blame. It makes me sad. I had been in a big car wreck 7 years ago this month. Not a good time of year for me to be out on the roads I guess.

Brandon says it's fixed... hmmmm


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