Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Dillan #4

Dear Dillan, 

Things I want to remember and want you to know.

Last night, to keep up with our tradition, we made your birthday cake.  You put all of the ingredients in for the cake batter but wanted Tanner to do the frosting since, since you didn't share during the cake making.  You both decorated your cake with candy dog bones.  You had so much fun and did such a good job.

Today, you woke up to cuddle me for a few minutes before running out into the living room to check out all of your birthday decorations.  You didn't even stick around to call daddy on FaceTime.  We did call him after you had done your investigating with your brother.  

I thought you'd want to go out for breakfast, like your brother did on his birthday, but I was wrong.  I made you your favorite breakfast... PANCAKES and hot cocoa.  After breakfast we went to church and then came home for a little bit of lunch... then it was time to PARTY WITH FRIENDS!

This year we invited Ares and Ada, Kaleb and Kameron to your party.  You had chosen a dog theme from your party and you loved showing off all of your decorations.  Kaleb and Kameron's parents, Matt and Ashley, brought their bounce house.  It was a hit. You had so much fun jumping, running around, playing with toys, eating cake and ice cream, and of course opening presents.  You are such a lucky, lucky kid and have so many great friends and family who love you. 

Daddy is singing his heart out on FaceTime!

After all of your friends went home we continued playing with all of your new toys and games.  We made some cornDOGS and french fries for dinner We closed out the evening cuddled up downstairs watching a movie.  You fell asleep in a pile of blankies, with your dog, on the floor.  I carried you to bed and tucked you in, safe and sound.  What a great day, celebrating you.

Happy Birthday, Dillan!!! You are an amazing kid.  You are an animal lover, like none that I have ever seen before.  There isn't a dog, that you have met, that you haven't fallen in love with and wanted to hold.  You love your big brother so much, and still want to be just like him.  You aren't just like him though; you are fearless, you love being outside more than tinkering around inside, you are so active and energetic, and you fight me about food at almost every meal!  I hope that one day you just want to be you and not Tanner.  
In this year we started going to a story time, at the public library, where only you are allowed into the room to hear the story and do a craft.  You always come out of the room smiling and so proud of what you have made. We have bible study at our house every Thursday and you do great at playing by yourself or with friends, if any are around during that time.  Playdates have been great this year too.  You are learning how to live life without Tanner constantly at your side and you are thriving!
You miss your daddy.  Anytime I'm acting sad you ask me if I miss daddy and you tell me you do too.  Next year daddy will be home and it'll make your birthday just that much more special.
I love you so, so much.  You are an AWESOME little boy, and I'm so thankful that God gave me you to raise!

Love, Your Momma

Last year was the first year that I started asking Dillan the following questions.  You can find last years answers here.  #3

How old are you? Four
Favorite color? Blue
Favorite toy? Coloring
Favorite food? Cantaloup
Best friend? Tanner
Favorite thing to do outside? Play around
Favorite drink? Orange Juice (Koolaid)
Take to bed at night? Monkey
What do you want to be when you grow up? Just four
Favorite animal? Wart Hog


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