Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Month Checkup

Dillan had his 2 month checkup on Monday.  He is a happy healthy baby.  His stats are;

Weight:  11lb 10 oz ~ 49%
Length:  22 1/2" ~ 33%
Head Circ:  39cm ~ 29%

We talked to Dr. Short about Dillan's diaper rash that he's had since he's been 1.5 weeks old.  We've had Dillan into this pediatrician for this issue before and the remedy that he suggested did not work.  We're going to try another tactic for another 2 weeks or so, if it doesn't work we'll be marching ourselves right back in there for more help.

Dillan seemed to handle the shots well at first.  He slept all the way home and then once home I gave him a bath and nursed him and he fell asleep for a while.  Once he woke though he was in a lot of pain.  Brandon went to Safeway and got him some Tylenol.  Tanner has never needed Tylenol after shots... just another difference in our two children. 

His next appointment is in 2 months. 


At March 21, 2012 at 1:13 AM , Blogger SJT said...

Super cute pics. Glad he's healthy!! Hope the new diaper rash treatment works!!!


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