Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We had a jam-packed Easter weekend filled with three egg hunts, well almost three, egg dying, and dinner.  Holidays with kids is so much more fun than without. 

Happy Easter sheep

On Saturday we attempted to go to a hunt in North Pole at the RV lot, next to the Santa Clause house.  We showed up about 3 minutes late and missed out on all the fun.  We still took a walk around the area.  We talked to a lady who had worked during the hunt and she said there were somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 eggs that had been hidden!  As we walked there were still eggs being found here and there by the dedicated hunters.
Talking about walking
Leaving the first hunt
A few hours after the first hunt, we went onto Eielson AFB to go to the base church for their Easter egg hunt.  We met our friends Matt and Emily and their two little guys.  We had a blast here.  Each kid was allowed 10 eggs.  There were cookies and juice for the kids, as well as crafts and games. 
Hiding from the Easter Bunny
Dads and babes

Best buddies

Dan pinning the tail on the bunny

Tanner pinning the tail on the bunny
Stringing beads and crosses

After the Easter egg hunt we headed into Fairbanks to do some egg dying with the cousins.  Tanner's hands were completely stained by the end of the night, but he had a great time. 

Egg dying fools

Easter morning we got off to a late start due to Tanner sleeping in.  We missed church but had fun at Auntie Bridgett's house doing another egg hunt, playing and having a delicious meal. 
The hunt is on

Bib was 1st worn by Tanner in Maui in 2010
Baby's 1st Easter
Easter feast
It's good to be seated at the kids table


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