Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Month Old

Dillan turned 1 month old on February 17.  I'm going to try to take a picture of him in his crib, sleeping each month until he turns 1 year old. 

2 Weeks
1 Month

~ We took Dillan to the clinic on Eielson on the 17th because he's been battling a diaper rash since he was 1.5 weeks old.  We were at Basset Army Hospital for his 2 week appointment and the pediatrician there had given us a tube of zinc oxide to put on the rash.  It didn't help, but it didn't get worse.  On the 15th the rash started getting worse so we stopped with the zinc and tried Vaseline for a day, it continued to get worse.  We started him on A & D and made an appointment for him to be seen... both Brandon and I were tired of dealing with the rash.  Of course, once the pediatrician on Eielson saw him we were treated like this was nothing to worry about.  We were told to dab, not wipe the area, to make a concoction of A&D, Desitine, Maalox, and an ointment similar to Neosporine and layer it on thick. 1.5 days later the rash is still there, not looking AS red, but at least not getting worse.  We were told if he got worse to bring him back in 2-3 days.  If it didn't get better in 2 weeks to bring him back... I hope it's cleared up LONG  before the 2 week mark.


At February 19, 2012 at 11:37 AM , Blogger SJT said...

look how much he's grown in just two weeks! it goes so fast!!


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