Sunday, February 19, 2012


 ~Tonight Dillan took a bath in his tub for the first time.  He LOVED it. He was able to just relax; moved his arms and legs around.  I was able to take a picture with my cell phone where he is actually smiling.  


~Brandon bought me a dozen white roses for Valentine's Day.  (The lighting in the picture makes them look yellow, but they're white.)  They are so lovely and smell beautiful.  They just keep getting more gorgeous. 
The 14th
The 16th
The 18th

~I've been trying to carry Dillan around in this Sprout Pouch baby sling more.  It frees up my hands so that I'm able to get a few things done while still having him with me.  Brandon gave it a try and Dillan fell right to sleep with him.
Notice the receding hair line?  Tanner did the same thing and eventually lost it all. Came back nice and thick though.


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