Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Brandon had Friday through Monday off, which was great.  He always asks why I get so excited for the weekend since I "don't work". I think it's pretty obvious, he's home and we have more of an opportunity to get out and not have to worry about him leaving in a few hours for work.  The weekends are also great because I have someone to share the parenting-load with ALL DAY LONG!!! I love weekends! :)

Tanner has been going through a really whiny, fussy, fit-throwing phase.  It's exhausting, mentally and physically, for the entire family.  I had a good cry-fest on Monday due to the non-stop fit that had been going on all morning.  It's just no fun.  Brandon and I tried our hardest to keep busy all weekend.  We had 4 hours that were absolutely fit free, while he was awake, over the 4 day weekend.  They were while we were at a BBQ Monday night. All the kids there were about his age and size and they all played hard.  All of them communicating in their own way with the others all understanding.  No major scuffles.  It was such an enjoyable time.

On Sunday we made our way to Plow Driver Slough in Moose Creek.  We threw some rocks, Brandon did a little fly fishing, the dogs swam.

Brandon's big catch! ;)
He's got quite the rock-throwing arm!


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