Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild Alaskan Blueberry/Raspberry Syrup

Tanner and I went raspberry picking with our friends Emily and Daniel today.  For every two berries I picked Tanner would come and eat one... if I wasn't watching he'd grab a few at a time.  His friend Daniel came over and started feeding Tanner my pickings as well.  I didn't get many berries, to say the least.  Emily had better luck than I did and she gave me her berries. She's a sweetheart like that!

We did have a little excitement when Tanner fell down a 7 foot bank into a lake. He and Daniel were throwing rocks over the ledge into the lake below and I guess Tanner threw a little too hard. Emily was amazed at how fast I moved down the hillside!  He was more shocked than hurt, luckily.  I got a bruise on my shin and Tanner got a few scratches on the back of his head and a few scratches on the side of his belly and back.  I can guarantee he'll be back to throwing rocks over the bank the next time we're out playing!

I got home with a little over two cups of raspberries so I decided to combine them with the few blueberries that I had leftover from the weekend to make syrup for pancakes, ice cream or whatever.  The berries were so beautiful combined and while cooking down.  My house smelled heavenly!

Aren't they lovely?
Berries combined with water.
Breaking down beautifully.
What was left of my beautiful berries.
 I was in the last stages of having my syrup finished, it just had to come to a boil then simmer for 2 minutes. I decided to wash the few dirty dishes that I had in the sink.  Of course, while my back was turned, the syrup boiled over and went all over the stove.  My house no longer smelled heavenly but of a hellish combo of burnt sugar and berries. DAMNIT!
After about 45 minutes of cooling down for the syrup, and myself, I poured the syrup into jars and placed them in the fridge.  The syrup will keep there for about 3 weeks, though I doubt it lasts that long. ;) YUM!
The best berry syrup EVER!!!


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