Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gender Predicting

I go in for my anatomy scan tomorrow at 2pm.  If baby cooperates we'll also be able to see if we're going to be having a girl or a boy.  Brandon and I thought it be fun to look up some old wives tales that predict the gender and see what they say.  I found an article on that had quite a few to try out!  I also found a few others on random  internet sites to try as well.

Carry High=girl, Carry Low=boy
Carry Low~Boy

140+ heartbeat = girl, Below 140 = boy
Heartrate 165 ~ Girl

Sweet Craving = girl, Salty/Sour/Savory Craving = boy
Salty/Sour/Savory Craving ~ Boy

Mother's age at conception and the year of conception... if both are even or odd = girl, if one is even and one's odd = boy
29, 2011 ~ Girl

Break outs = girl, Clear Skin = boy
Clear as I get ~ Boy

Wedding ring over belly from string... Spin Circles = boy, Back and Forth = girl
Circles ~ Boy

Sick as a dog the first trimester = girl, Little or no morning sickness = boy
Sooooo Sick ~ Girl

Took a online quiz on my symptoms ~ Girl

If hubby gains weight as you gain weight = Boy, Stays same weight = Girl
Holding Strong ~ Girl

Hairline of the immediate older sibling of the baby is V-Line = opposite gender, if the hairline is straight = same gender.
Tanner has a V-Line hair line ~ Girl

Father's Instincts ~ Boy

Mother's Instincts ~ Girl

Chinese Gender Chart ~ Girl

Let's Tally up the results!!!
Girl ~ 8
Boy ~ 5

OK, so the girls got it!  We'll see what tomorrow's results bring!!!  
I haven't been getting any photos of the ever expanding belly this go around... need to remedy that this week.


At August 22, 2011 at 12:03 AM , Blogger SJT said...

Can't wait to hear!! Hope it's a little girl for you! Of course healthy in either case. :)

At August 22, 2011 at 12:13 AM , Blogger Brandi said...

Oh yes! Healthy either way, FOR SURE! :) Tomorrow I'm getting blood drawn to test for downs/spina bifida and will get results in a week... so big, big day tomorrow...

At August 22, 2011 at 12:23 AM , Blogger SJT said...

And it will be a great day!! :)


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