Monday, August 1, 2011

DeGroot Vist Part 2

We had a great time these last eight days with my sister and her family.  Lots and lots of driving around and sight seeing and playing tourist.  We made it to Creamer's Field, the Deltana Fair, and Pioneer Park these last few days.  I really enjoyed seeing all three of our kids interact with one another.  There were A LOT of squabbles between Ella and Tanner, but it was fun none-the-less!  Will is such a sweet heart and just loves to cuddle.  When I get to see him next he'll be an even bigger boy and that just about breaks my heart.  Missing out on watching the babies grow is definitely one of the major drawbacks of living so far away from home.

Starting the day with some good ol' stretching! ;)

The DeGroots walking a trail in Creamer's Field
Tots like to be carried sometimes too.

Not sure what to think of this pony at the fair.

Liking the goats a little more than the horse.

Will loved this Alpaca... his momma did not!

Cow goes Mooooooo!

Love this picture of Will and his daddy

Fish on!

Having fun on the rides.

Looking adorable at Pioneer Park

Sniff, Sniff!

Carhartt hats for EVERYONE. Wish we'd been able to get the three kids in their hats, posed together.

Feeding the ducks near Pioneer Park

Tanner eating some cotton candy for the first time.

Riding the train around Pioneer Park

Who is going to win this race?!?

Mommas posing pretty on the carousel.


At August 1, 2011 at 9:32 AM , Blogger Nannie said...

wonderful fun, thanks for letting us share your adventures.

At August 1, 2011 at 11:11 AM , Blogger SJT said...

So glad you had a great time! Hopefully it won't be too long before you're together again!


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