Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preggo Update

8/2/11~ I had an appointment today.  I'm 16 weeks 5 days. I got weighed, I've gained 7lbs so far, but I'm not telling what that puts me at! haha  I was measured and Dr. Leary told me I'm right on track and then he went searching for a heart beat. It took a good bit for him to find the heart beat and I was starting to get anxious!  Finally there it was... way down by my pubic bone.  It was about 165bpm.  Healthy little thing in there!
Dr. Leary suggested I have the test for Downs/Spina Bifida test done.  He explained that if the test should come back positive I'd have to deliver in Anchorage because here in the Interior (Fairbanks and surrounding areas) They don't have a doctor trained for high-risk babies.  I was still going to say no to the test, I didn't have it done when I was pregnant with Tanner.  He then asks how old I am... I told him I'll be 30 in 9 days.  He said that chances of having Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida is 1/300, I googled it and found that it's 1/1000... so somewhere in there... not that high, but still a chance. I still wasn't going to do the test.  Then Brandon told me that he'd feel better if I did it, for delivery reasons and all.  So I'll have to do that sometime before I hit 20 weeks.  Ugh, I hate having my blood drawn.
I will get to have an Ultrasound done sometime before I am at 20 weeks in Fairbanks.  There they will measure and if we'd like to know the sex of the baby we'll find out at that time.  We want to know!  Can't wait to get that appointment scheduled!

8/22/11~ I had my blood drawn to test for a high risk pregnancy.  We also got our ultrasound. We found out that our baby is a boy.  :)  So now to start the game of coming up with a name... no little Ruby Lyn for us! The ultrasound technician also told us that our baby's head is measuring small.  Still within the normal range but on the small side. She brought the ultrasound pics to an OB and the tech said that OB didn't see any reason to worry.

8/24/11~ I had a nurse from the Eielson AFB Clinic (where I normally go for my prenatal checkups) call me and tell me I need to to have a consult with an OB at Bassett (the hospital on Fort Wainwright army post where I will deliver) due the the baby's head measuring small.

8/27/11~ The OB at Bassett said that she doesn't see a reason to worry about the baby's head size, but since I had been referred there from Eieslon I should go get another ultrasound in Fairbanks in 4 weeks so that a comparison can be made.  If baby's head is growing normally I'll go back to be seen at Eielson.  If baby's not growing normally I'll continue to be seen at Bassett.

9/2/11~ I called the referral office to try check on the approval of the ultrasound appointment and they said that they had not received any paperwork regarding my referral.  I tried to call Bassett but they weren't open due to the holiday weekend.  The way it works is the military clinic/hospital will put in a referral for me to be seen by an off base/post provider.  The referral office will send that info to the off base provider and then they are supposed to call me to let me know I can call and make my appointment... wasn't happening this time.

9/6/11~ I called the referral office one last time to see if they had received the info  they needed to refer me to FMH Fairbanks Imaging Center.  They hadn't but I got someone VERY helpful this time who dug a little deeper and figured out that they didn't need all the paperwork sent to them and that I was able to just call FMH to make my appointment.  Yay.  One less worry.  So I now have my next ultrasound scheduled for 9/23 and my 24 week appointment at Bassett scheduled for 9/27, where they will compare the two ultrasounds!

Please pray for "normal".


At September 6, 2011 at 10:27 PM , Blogger SJT said...

Things will be ok. :) no need to worry but prayers are there. :)


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