Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Montana, Montana,
Glory of the West
Of all the states from coast to coast,
You're easily the best.
Montana, Montana,
Where skies are always blue
Montana, I love you.

So I've been in Montana for over two months now. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love how I can drive an hour and actually get somewhere. I love that I have so many friends and family here who really KNOW me. I love that when I drive down the road people wave. I love that it's November and there is no snow and there are still lots of hours of daylight and it has not dipped anywhere near zero yet, let alone BELOW zero!

Tanner has been growing and changing in front of everyone's eyes. He has gotten two teeth since being here. He has gone from doing the military crawl to doing the hands and knees crawl. He is on the cusp of walking! My baby is growing so fast!

We still have one month left here. It's going to be a busy month filled with Thanksgiving festivities, traveling to visit Cessna family in other states. Running around MT visiting friends and family. Flying in Grandpa Bob's. I LOVE IT!


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