Monday, March 8, 2010

Tired Tanner

Tanner's bedtime routine goes as follow;
1. Momma feeds him
2. Daddy changes Tanner's diaper
3. Daddy gives Tanner a massage
4. Daddy puts Tanner's jammies on
5. Daddy swaddles Tanner
6. Daddy bounces on the exercise ball with Tanner until Tanner falls to sleep

For the last the few evenings Tanner has gone to bed incredibly early and totally not followed his little routine. Friday night he drifted off at 6:15pm, Saturday night was 7:45pm and this evening was 5:30pm. His usual bedtime is 8pm. He has been getting up at his usual time which is between 4-6am. I'm happy for Tanner that he's getting so much sleep. I miss him though. I miss his sweet little smiles. I miss his noises. I miss feeding him. I even miss his fussing when he isn't satisfied with how he's being handled! Right now I'm wishing he wouldn't sleep so much... I'm sure a day will come when I'll wish he would sleep more... here's to living in the moment. haha


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