Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tanner has never been a baby blob. Some babies just seem to lay around and sleep all the time. Not Tanner. Tanner has always made eye contact or followed shadows on the wall. Tanner has now progressed to interacting with Brandon and I as well as his toys. Tanner sits in his bumbo and watches as I do things in the kitchen or watches as I put my makeup on or do my hair. He no longer freaks out when I lay him down on the floor. He'll look for the toys laying around him or smile up at me, waving his pudgy little arms around. There is nothing more adorable when he mimics my facial expressions. He sits in his bouncy chair while I shower or while I do little things around the house. There are toys hanging from the bar on it and normally he just stares at them. He has now gotten past the stare phase and actually PLAYS with those toys! He bats them around with both of his hands and grabs them and holds them to his mouth! It's so exciting to know there is more to come!


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