Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Magazine Junkie

I'm addicted to reading health/fitness magazines. I love Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Women's Health Magazine just to name a few. I like to look at the pictures of everyone working out. I like to read the success stories. Though I don't consider myself to be "Overweight", I like to tell myself that if these women can lose weight by simply changing their eating habits and exercising more, I can do it too. I write down recipes that I find in the magazines with hopes of trying something new, most times these recipes just get tossed into the trash though. The workouts are always inspiring. I have tried some and get an awesome feeling of achievement after the workout is over.
I haven't renewed any of my subscriptions in a while, so I've been checking out the online sites for these magazines. The websites are just as good, if not better!
They are all great inspiration and help to motivate me to do better!


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