Friday, March 26, 2010

Virgin Harvest

I have a goal... this is the summer that I'm going to preserve fruits, veggies and jams! I have attempted to grow gardens in the past, but have never seemed to yield much. I think that the soil in my green house is old and not very nutrient rich. Brandon and I are going to put new soil in it, get fertilizer and start working it. I know that my garden will not provide me with as big of a variety of produce that I desire to have so I'll hit up the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market as well. I love the farmer's market. In years past I've usually gone to the farmer's market to take in all the smells and people watch. This year I'm going to PURCHASE all those market wares!
I bought Ball Blue Book of Preserving and have been reading recipes and plan on picking my mom's brain. She's been canning for years! A friend of mine is also going to be canning this summer so we'll be able to bounce ideas off of one another.

I have been following a blog called Dig This Chick. She has a challenge on her page;

This is the year you start a garden. Or, this is the year you grow heirloom tomatoes. Or, this is the year you put up enough carrots to feed your family through the winter. Or this is the year you grow basil on your window sill.

Anything, everything. Pick a thing, or a few, and grow it for the first time. Why not? It's guaranteed excitement and satisfaction coupled with epic nutrition and unrivaled flavor. Do it.

I am going to accept this challenge. I am going to stock my cupboards with nutrient rich edibles that will nourish the bodies of my family.


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