Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Play-Date

Being a stay-at-home-mom or a SAHM has opened up a whole new social outlet for me. I have a new appreciation for the play-date. Without the groups of women and their children to visit and play with, I don't think I'd enjoy being home with Tanner as much as I do. I have a few great friends that I meet up with almost on a weekly basis. Us women try chat and have lunch (sometimes hard to do with little ones running rampant). Tanner LOVES to watch the other kids play. If one of the kids happen to slow down to look at him he smiles so big!

I recently joined a mommy group called Fairbanks/North Pole Mod Mamas and Trendy Tots through the website I went to my first play-date with them on Monday the 19th. I went to a members house and there 6 other women there and their children ranging from 8 months to 3 years. Tanner was the youngest. There was a Discovery Toy Consultant there. It was great. All of the kids got to play with the toys and the Consultant talked to us momma's about a few of the toys and about different learning styles, not only for the kids but for the momma's as well and how best to work with our children.
Through Mod Mama's and Trendy Tots I'm also going to join a book club! It is part of a momma's night, so no babies. I am so thankful for these opportunities.

Having friends and family to talk with on email, phone, text is great but it just doesn't meet the needs of being a SAHM. I'm thankful for the PLAY-DATE!


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