Monday, February 22, 2010

The 3 P's

POTTY, POOP, PUKE! Yup, they are part of my everyday life now. At one time in my life if I had gotten any of these three substances on my hand let alone my face, arms, tummy, legs or chest I'd have totally freaked. Now as a momma it's the norm.

I am constantly having my little Sugar Plumb puking in my hair, or opening his mouth and spewing some while feeding. It dribbles down my chest and tummy. It has the potential to have me changing myself or my son a few times a day.

Potty is constantly shooting into the air. Streaming into my sons face and as a momma my first reaction is to block that stream with my hand!!! It leaks out the side of his diaper and soaks through my shirts, pants and blankies. It creates little fountains in his bath and is the one main cause for mountains of laundry.

Poopy is hard not to get on ones self. With little squirming legs flailing around, one must be quick or else little tootsies, legs, and hands are soon covered in the gooy mess!

I don't mind these "messes". As a new momma it's all still new and fun... This Potty, Poop, and Puke machine came from me and is worth all the laundry detergent, hand soap and sanitizer I invest in!


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