Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not One to Complain, but...

So, I'm not one to normally complain about health care, but I feel like I've run into some bad luck lately. A few weeks back I went into the dentist. Prior to going in I had never had a cavity or a filling or ANY issues with my teeth. This time the dentist came back and told me I had a cavity and two weak spots. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'm 28 years old and just had a baby after all. As I was getting ready to leave the dentists' assistant came and told me that he could do the filling in 30 minutes and that It would be $34 out of pocket. I decided to stick around and get it taken care of.. 30 minutes turned into an hour. I was so scared to have the cavity filled. My hands were shaking! the whole thing STUNK. No fun at all, but I survived. After it was all over the dentist told me that it was normal for it to be sensitive for a bit, but if it was sensitive for an extended period of time I may need to have a root canal. How did I go from being someone who'd never had a cavity to possibly needing a root canal?!? Then to top it off the receptionist charged me $39, not $34! What's up with that?
Today I went in for my postpartum appointment. I made it all the way through the checkup but when it came to the pap I was still too tender to have that portion of the checkup taken care of. The doc told me to reschedule and rushed out of the room before I had a chance to ask him any sort of questions like; did it look like I was healing, is there anything I can do to speed the healing process, how far out should I schedule my appointment. Then I find out that this doc is a dermatologist who is now a general practitioner. Seriously?!? I just want someone DOWN THERE who knows what the heck they are doing... I know they say that after you have a baby you don't care who is down there looking around and such... not so. I still care!
I am starting to feel jaded about the healthcare I've been receiving lately. I hope that it's isolated to these few cases and not a preview of what's to come...


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