Friday, September 18, 2015

Another Year

I celebrated my 34th birthday on August 11th, over a month ago.  I am finally sitting down to write about my day and my "THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW" list.

My sister, Ember, and her two kids, Ella and Will, came to visit for the week of my birthday.  We kept busy with park play, the zoo, walks, drives, and just enjoying each other's company.  Our kids are close in age and had so much fun playing with each other.  Brandon was on mid-shift, 11pm-7am, so we tried to stay out of the house during the morning hours to give him a chance to sleep.

My birthday... I have a tendency of putting a lot emphasis on birthdays.  I love them. Not just my birthday's but EVERYONE'S birthday.  I love buying gifts for others, I love receiving gifts and celebrating another year of life.  Last year it was just Tanner, Dillan and I celebrating my birthday. No adult conversations, but plenty of lake play and enjoyment. Brandon will not be around for my birthday next year. I was so excited to have Ember and Brandon here to celebrate this year.  After Brandon got off of work he gave me a gift of Victoria's Secret panties and some jeans.  The panties weren't the style I wanted and the jeans weren't the size I wanted... After that we decided to go to Perkins for breakfast because we were under the impression that kids ate free on Tuesdays.  When we got there it was "Kids eat free from 4pm-9pm, or some such thing.  So we went home so that Brandon could go to bed.  Ember, the kids and I went and got donuts and played at the park for a few hours.  We came home for lunch and some down time.  My friend, Morgan, stopped by and brought be some beautiful gifts. We walked and talked around the garden for a few minutes.  Ember made two pies and started prepping for dinner.  I sat down for chit-chat and we had a moment where had a misunderstanding that turned into a screaming match that lasted the rest of the day.  I did get to eat my favorite pie ((Banana Cream)) no birthday songs were sung though.
My friend Liz, who was making a trip from Alaska to Missouri ended up driving into Minot at 10pm. I hadn't seen her and her family in over two years.  After she got checked into her hotel I went and picked her up and we drove around and took a walk. It was so great to see her, to hug her and to catch up.
That was my birthday.  It is not my favorite birthday that I have celebrated, to date.  Not a chance of that.   I got the chance to live another year on this earth, and for that I'm thankful.

Each year I make a list of things I love right now.  Here is my list for right now,  not August 11th.

34 Things I Love Right Now

1.  My Beautiful Home.
2.  Having six hours a day, of Dillan, all to myself.
3.  Fall is coming.
4.  Getting lost in a novel.
5.  Bike rides with Tanner.
6.  Dog walks with Dillan.
7.  Minot, North Dakota
8.  Fancy dinner dates with Brandon.
9.  Netflix and chill
10.  Talking to old friends on the phone.
11.  My garden that is producing healthy fruits and veggies.
12.  Canning my garden produce.
13.  Researching new ways to make my home and family healthier.
14.  Bedtime cuddles with my boys.
15.  Brandon being a Mr. Fix-it!
16.  Orders to stay in Minot after Brandon returns from his year in Korea.
17.  My home gym.
18.  My sister, Autumn, is pregnant.
19.  All of my nieces and nephews.
20.  Reconnecting with cousins. 
21.  Dirt road escapes.
22.  Making out with my husband.
23.  A grassy yard.
24.  Windows with a view.
25.  My long hair.
26.  Thrift Shopping.
27.  A stocked home bar.
28.  Bountiful Baskets
29.  Sharing sushi with Brandon and Tanner... Dillan won't eat it.
30.  Watching the boys catch frogs, snakes, bugs.
31.  Spotting pheasants, turkeys and blue herons with the boys.
32.  Instagram
33.  Making Tanner's school lunch
34.  Living in a country where I have choices. 


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