Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend

We have never gone big for holidays or birthdays in our family. Very low key is the name of our game. Just a few friends or a few family members OR just the four of us. That's how Easter 2015 went as well...kinda.

Brandon and I both did some volunteering. I started my day by going to the fairgrounds to help set up a few rooms for Easter services for our church, The Pursuit Minot. I set up the baby room and put together some drink tumblers. 

Brandon had to help set up for the Eggstravagansa at the Youth Center on base. That is where the boys did their Easter egg hunt. They collected empty plastic eggs and turned them in for a chocolate bunny and a prize, they both chose kites. 

Later that evening we had fun dying boiled eggs in shaving cream. It was a MESS, but we all had a blast!

We also stuffed our plastic eggs, for our own hunt to be had on Easter morning. My boys don't think much about the Easter bunny. But candy... They are all about that!

He is RISEN!!!
Of course the day began with a wild egg hunt. The boys ran around like crazy, in search of the candy filled eggs. They refused to put the hard boiled eggs into their buckets! Dillan threw fit after fit due to Tanner finding eggs faster than him, and then Tanner found the golden egg that had money in it. They split the money, so all ended well. 

Church! What an amazing experience.  The music was MOVING! The sermon of HOPES kept everyone's attention.  Pastor Tom is full of energy and has some totally relatable stories that he shares. He brings the Bible to life. 
The church we attend is new, only 1.5 years old. They are making big changes in Minot and reaching so many!  Over 241 kids checked in. 1,100 people showed up to the two services that were held. Over 30 new families made an appearance. AND 46 baptisms. I was one of the baptized. I had been wanting to be baptized for years. I overcame my self-doubt, my feelings of never living up to the standards I'd set for myself and DID IT. I went to a class a week before. We learned what baptism means, who should be baptized and why.  We were filmed while the pastors asked us a few questions. Part of my testimony, along with the other's in the class, was shown during the Easter services. Most of the baptisms were spontaneous, meaning that the individual decided THAT DAY, that they wanted to be baptized. AMAZING. 

I had so many great people supporting me in my choice to be baptized, a decision I did not take lightly. Thank you. Thank you to all of you who prayed for me and were there, if not in person then in spirit, to cheer me on! What an amazing way to observe Jesus dying on the the cross for our sins and His resurrection!

Brandon and I made a simple ham dinner later that evening. It was very tasty. 

Easter 2015; Forever etched into my mind. 

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