Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dear Dillan #3

Dear Dillan,

Things I want to remember and want you to know.

We started your day with breakfast made by daddy.  You, of course, requested pancakes and bacon... YOUR FAVORITE.

The two of us made your oreo ice cream cake.  You enjoyed using a butter knife to cut up the oreos, mix all the ingredients together and then open all of the ice cream sandwiches on your own.  You're such a great help in the kitchen!

We played around the house, we went and pick up Bountiful Baskets and also went to Lil' Rider's to get some 3 year old energy run out of you.

For dinner we made our own personal pizzas.  You were very deliberate about where you placed your pizza sauce, then you piled on the cheese, pepperoni and olives.  For some reason you took a bunch of that off and added ingredients you wouldn't normally eat on a pizza like mushrooms, peppers, steak.  You refused to eat dinner for a while after seeing your pizza all cooked up, but you eventually caved in and ate a few bites.

We finished off your day by opening presents and eating cake.  It was such a fun, happy day spent CELEBRATING YOU, swimming goggles and all!!!

Happy birthday, Dillan!  You act so much older than I want you to.  I want to keep you small, since you are the baby of the family, but you aren't letting that happen.
You were 100% potty trained this year, without much effort on my part.  You want to be just like your brother in every possible way; your looks, your speech, your mannerisms.  You aren't Tanner though. You are a very special, very unique, very energeting and loving little "big" boy!  I love you!

Love, Momma

How old are you? Five! ((He thinks he's the same age as Tanner... always has.))
Favorite color? Blue
Favorite toy? Motorcycle toy
Favorite food? Grapes
Best friend? Tanner
Favorite thing to do outside? Motorcycle toys outside
Favorite drink? Milk
Take to bed at night? Motor cycle toy
What do you want to be when you grow up? Big like you, mommy.
Favorite animal? Giraffe


At January 26, 2015 at 9:05 AM , Blogger Florence said...

Love the pictures, and reading about this fun-filled family day!


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