Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dear Tanner #5

Dear Tanner,

Things I want to remember and want you to know.

This year you really realized what birthdays are and you'd been looking forward to your birthday for months and months.  Talking about who you wanted there and what you wanted to eat and how much fun it'd be to open presents.  When it came down to actually planning the party you only wanted your friends Bella and Calli there and their parents.  You wanted to eat hamburgers and french fries and you wanted all of your presents to be a surprise. We had a Spiderman themed party and you LOVED IT and had so much fun!

We started the day baking your cake. You are a great help in the kitchen and love to turn the mixer on yourself... You and Dillan like to fight over who gets to pour each ingredient in, but we always get it figured out.

We were going to go to story time at Main Street book downtown Minot, but there wasn't a reading.  We played trains there, instead.  We walked around downtown and watched the beautiful snow slowly come down from the sky, in the sun.  We followed up our walk with yummy hot cocoas from our favorite coffee stand.

This year was hard on us.  Daddy was gone to Guam for 6 months.  We had to learn to live life without daddy here with us every day.  We did keep busy playing outside with friends, going to parks, lots of dog walks and a few trips to Montana to see family.
This year you lost two teeth, which totally caught my off guard.  I didn't expect to have you losing teeth for another couple of years.  Just one more reason to not take any little moments for granted... it all goes by so fast!
I love you my big five year old boy.  I know that this coming year is going to bring a big exciting milestone... SCHOOL!!! I don't know where the years have gone, but I'm glad that I've got to spend them all, at home, with you.
Love, Momma

Each year I do this.  You can find pervious years here for #3 and here for #4.
How old are you? FIVE!!!
Favorite color? Red and Green
Favorite toy? Bouncy Balls
Favorite food? Carrots
Best friend? Ella and Will
Favorite thing to do outside? Play with big blocks
Favorite drink? Water
Take to bed at night? Books
What do you want to be when you grow up? Astronaut
Favorite animal? Giraffe


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