Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tanner Turns Three

On this Day that Tanner turned three, he chose not to get out of his Thomas the Train PJ's. I can't say that I blame him. He did look cozy as well as cute all day long!

Started the day with balloon play.
Today we played play-doh, played with balloons, played hide and seek, played tackle chase, read, did puzzles, went for a car ride in -45F temps, watched cartoons, and took naps. We did our best to keep Tanner busy so he could enjoy his day without feeling restless or destructive... It almost worked. Those emotions must come along with being three. :)

I asked Tanner a few questions during breakfast this morning;

How old are you? Three

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite toy? Caillou cowboy toy (doesn't have one)

Favorite food? Toast

Best Friend? Dillan

Favorite thing to do outside? Shovel

Favorite drink? Juice

Favorite TV Show? Caillou

Take to bed at night? Scout (singing dog) and Airplane (mobile)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Little

Favorite Animal? Giraffe

Opening gifts from my family
Used Saturday left over birthday party cake
Sweetest smile
Dear Tanner,

Happy birthday to you!!! You had a great 3rd year of life, filled with much change and growth!

This year you became a big brother, and what an awesome big brother you are! Dillan truly looks to you to get approval and mimic your every move. Heck, he's even trying to copy your looks. :) You and Dillan love to give each other hugs and kisses. I soooooo look forward to watching you two grow up and be best friends for life.

This year you went from having your own room to sharing a room with Dillan and now you're back to having your own room again. I think you prefer sharing a room but you and Dillan both sleep so much better when you aren't together at night.

You make it to the bathroom to pee 95% of the time now. Pooping in the toilette is a bit of a challenge still, but we'll get there.

You get around AMAZING on anything with wheels. You love your scooter that your gram got you, and your bike that "Meema and Beeba" got you. I predict by next summer you will not need training wheels!

You are so great at doing puzzles. You love doing them on your own with me or daddy there to offer encouragement. Your favorite one to do is the one with all different trucks on it even though its missing two pieces and other pieces have been chewed on by Dillan.

You are a bit of a cartoon junkie. Your favorite ones are Calliou, Mickey Mouse Club House, Dora and Diego. I can't wait to live in a climate that doesn't keep us trapped indoors for months on end. You won't have such easy access to those cartoons when we spend more time outdoors!

You, my Little Love, are fun, challenging, hilarious, frustrating, sweet, loving, stubborn, and kind. I love you so much I get an achingly good feeling in my chest and tears in my eyes each night when we cuddle each other in your cramped little bed. I am so thankful to you for teaching me to love like this.

Love, Momma ❤



At December 18, 2012 at 12:20 AM , Blogger SJT said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! Love that his best friend is his brother. :)


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