Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh Give Me a Home

The first week of being in North Dakota was spent searching for a home. Before we got here we were told we are number 4 on the waiting list to get a 3 bedroom home on base. The families ahead of us are in leases off base and so that puts us in the number one spot for a housing unit. The first day after arriving here we were informed that the wait for a home would be 2-3 weeks. The second day here the housing office called to tell us that they had a house for us and it'd be ready September 27. After obtaining the address we drove by it. It is one of the smallest on the block and older than a lot of other bases housing units. The fenced in back yard is tiny. Brandon and I were none too impressed, once we discovered this. We have been spoiled with Eielson AFB's housing units. Our last one there was a newly remodeled, 3-story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, heated-double garage. We decided that while we wait for maintenance go do their work on the home, that is set to be ours, we'd look off base at houses to see if there would be something that we'd prefer to live in. 
Our future home. 

There is major growth happening here in the Minot area. There are so many new subdivisions cropping up everywhere. In them there are cookie cutter houses plopped practically on top of each other. It felt about like driving through base housing, when driving through one of the neighborhoods. The average cost of a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with an unfinished basement (which is what most of the new homes are thar we looked at) on a small lot with no grass or fenced in yard is $300,000. We did find one in a little cul de sac that we were pretty smitten with. It was listed at $320,000. We got close to calling the bank and getting the ball rolling on it, but then we backed off. We aren't ready to buy something that expensive with no land that we aren't totally in love with. 
Today Brandon took a drive past the home-to-be on base and actually saw people inside painting it. He called housing maintenance and the projected finish date is now September 20th. 
When we took a walk past it I saw that no one was in the house, but the door was open. I ran inside to take a look. 
Hallway leading to a closet, bathroom and the garage. 

Main floor living room. 

Downstairs living room and also where the laundry room is located. 

Stairs leading upstairs to the 3 bedrooms. 

Dining room and kitchen. (Picture taken on the first day we discovered this would be our home)

I am feeling so much more at ease now that I have set foot into my future home. I have ideas for decor and know that I can make it feel warm and homey.


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