Saturday, November 19, 2011

Partying Kid Style

We had two birthday parties to attend this weekend.  Friday evening was Spencer's party. He had a Fire Truck themed party.  Sunday evening was Simon's birthday party. It was held at McDonald's.  Both parties were a lot of fun.  Tanner partied like a rock-star!  Lots of running, playing, screaming, stuffing himself with yummy food, eating cake!   

Partying kid style is so much more fun than partying like an adult! :)

Brandon and Tanner coloring some fire trucks
Tanner taking a cruise in the fire truck
Slowed down to give momma a snuggle
Spencer pinning the ladder on the fire truck
2 year old Spencer with his parents and brother Sean
Spencer with his loot and lots of kiddos checking out the loot

5 year old Birthday Boy
Ready for Happy Meals
Spencer and Tanner started off shaking each others hands and ended up just holding them for a while
Spencer and Tanner having quite the treat for dinner
Simon, his momma Verna and his cake... with onlookers


At November 23, 2011 at 9:13 PM , Blogger SJT said...

We had a great time w/ you at both parties this weekend!! :) Sorry we will miss Tanners. :( I'll have a gift for him before we leave though! :)


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