Thursday, September 29, 2011


~ My first on going project that I'd like to talk about is photography. I've been messing around with F Stop, and Aperture this week. A lot of my pictures end up blurry, dark, over-exposed, focused on the wrong objects. Surprisingly every once in a while a picture turns out and I LOVE IT! Brandon has been talking with his co-worker, who took our family pics, and brings his knowledge home and shares with me and we mess around with the camera. Kinda fun!

~ My favorite project that I'll be working on for another 15 weeks or so is this ever-growing belly!  In this pic I'm 24 weeks.  Today I'm 25 weeks so I've got to catch up a bit on my documenting.  I'm pretty sure we'll be naming this little guy Dillan Robert Shope, though Brandon thinks it's funny to call him Carlos. I can't say that we'll for sure be calling him Dillan Robert because Brandon and I have been known to change our minds at the last minute...  Baby boy is a mover and shaker!  I can now look at my belly and see his movements all over.  The last two ultrasounds show that he's been breech... I always feel like he's dancing on my bladder.  FUN!
24 weeks 3 days
~My least favorite project... Bangs! UGH! On Friday, while waiting for my ultrasound I was looking through a Redbook magazine and saw Jennifer Aniston with some sexy bangs... so Saturday night I decided I'd chop myself some bangs, and CHOP I did.  I hate them.  They are too short, make me look like I'm 18 and not sexy. I pull them back with clips or a headband and will do so for the next few months!

Yes, they are crooked
~ When Brandon's sister moved, they tore down a shed that they had in their back yard and gave Brandon all of the materials.  Brandon put the shed up this week.  Tanner loves being in the middle of all of the action.  He is not much help, but he sure thinks he is.  I tried to help but ended up with a wall on my toe.  Not a happy moment for anyone and I wasn't asked to help after that.    

Almost finished in this picture.  A few days later the shed got it's roof.
~ I have started a sewing project.  Brandon bought me a sewing machine about 3 or 4 Christmases ago that I've never touched.  I figured a good place to learn to sew would be to hem some edges of some large pieces of fabric and call them swaddle blankets.  I picked out 3 lovely baby flannels, washed them, pinned up all the edges an inch, and ironed them.  This coming weekend I'll get down to the business of sewing the edges.  I've enjoyed this project so far.

~Tanner and I made banana muffins this morning.  He loves muffins, well most muffins. I made pumpkin muffins last week that he didn't love.  He doesn't call them muffins.  When he wants a muffin he makes monkey noises, Ooooh, oooooh, Eeeeee, Aaaaaah, Aaaaah!!! I couldn't figure out, for the longest time, why he was doing this.  Then one day it clicked, he's made an association with the M's in Muffin and Monkey.  Kinda cute! :)
He burned his finger on the muffin pan after this batch of "Monkey's" came out of the oven.  Not bad, but bad enough that an hour later he still looks at his finger and says "HOT!".  Poor kid!

I'm trying something new.  If you received this blog in your email let me know if you'd like to continue to be on the distribution list or not.  I chose 10 people who I know don't have facebook or blogger.  Thanks.


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