Saturday, July 27, 2013

AK2MT -Day 5

July 27, 2013 - Day 5

Tacoma, WA - Superior, MT 420 miles

Fuel Stops - 2

Pit Stops - 2

Movies -Brandon couldn't remember what the kids watched... Men! ;)

Our room was expensive ($113.00) a night, and not that comfortable. We stayed there long enough to sleep (7 hours) and then got the day started.

Krispy Kreme was the first stop of our final leg on our journey to MT. Brandon and the boys loved watching the donuts being made and loved eating those warm, sweet morsels. We usually have donuts and a coffee-house coffee every Saturday morning, I think I'm taking myself off the donut ritual. Nothing will match up after those Krispy Kreme's.

After our so-called-breakfast, we went to pick up my car that had been shipped from Fairbanks. Brandon found a few scratches and dents that he claimed weren't there before. We were given a check for $550.00 to cover the damages.

After fueling the vehicles up we began our journey east, me following closely behind Brandon and the boys. I hate driving. I get bad anxiety in traffic. Driving in Seattle traffic was WAY out of my comfort zone. Gone was the 55 mph speed and 4 lanes of traffic I have grown used to for the last 8 years. Within the first 5 minutes a pickup truck squeezed in between Brandon and me. Right after that a tractor trailer tried merging. I had to stomp on my brakes or else I would have been hit. I lost Brandon in the process. He called and told me to take the Renton exit, so I did. I didn't change lanes after that though, and soon was heading to Renton instead of going north to 405. I called Brandon, screaming like a Banshee and dropping the F-bomb an infinite number of times. Brandon told me to pull over... how the hell was I supposed to pullover with all the traffic!?! I took the first exit I could and put Superior, MT into my Map app on my iPhone. It gave me directions to get back on track. In the meantime Brandon kept calling and calling. I missed a turn that i was supposed to take and was heading south again! I told Brandon to just sit tight ( in not so polite language) and let me figure this out. I finally found my way onto 405 and then onto I-90 heading East. After this little blunder it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day.

Heading out of the gas station
Home away from home

We traveled a total on 2,700 miles in five days, had an awesome adventure and made many memories.

Left Fairbanks at 80,000. Arrived in Superior at 82,700.

The final leg of our journey to our new home will begin the beginning of September sometime. We are all so happy to be back in Montana for a while, surrounded by friends and family, but missing the ones left behind.



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