Saturday, July 27, 2013

AK2MT - Day 3

July 24, 2013 - Day 3

Dease Lake, Yukon - Prince George British Columbia 570 miles

Fuel Stops - 2

Pit stops - 3

Movies- Calliou, Despicable Me, Ant Bully, The Sand Lot, Winnie the Pooh

We woke to rain. The boys played in the rain and were put into the Tahoe pantless due to falling down in mud puddles. Tanner was less than happy about this. He is at a picky stage when it comes to what he wears.

Tanner's quote of the morning; "Don't say dammit momma, say AWWWWWW!" Thanks Tanner. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

We have not had to stop for food since entering into Canada. For the past month, every time I'd go grocery shopping I would pick up a few extra snacks. The day before we left we got a few rotisserie chickens. We got yogurts, cheeses, and deli meat. I also made some hard boiled eggs. With all the granola bars, trail mixes, jerky, olives, fruit snacks, etcetera, we have had more than enough food to keep us going. We also got an iceless cooler that plugs into power outlets in the car. Thats where we stored our food items that needed to be chilled. It was so convenient. We kept it in between the boys' seats. Brandon stopped for coffee or a pop a few times and always came back to the truck wishing he hadn't gone in for the beverage due to the outrageous prices!

Today we saw our first law enforcement vehicle. We had traveled a total of 1,166 miles at this point. The second one at 1,405. The third was at 1,434

The rest of the trip down Highway 37 was foggy, rainy, and didn't give any great opportunities to take pictures. The trip wasn't dull though. There was lots of road construction to keep us on our toes. At one of the pit stops Maggie found some poop to roll in and then Duckie went and ate some. So then we had to take some time to go wash the dogs.

Back from her river bath
Tiny narrow bridge
Sleeping babes
Road trippers

We saw a variety of animal crossing signs throughout the day; caribou, elk, moose badger, and deer. We saw four black bears on four different occasions. The first one crossed the street in front of us and sat down in the ditch. The second one was just moseying along. The third and forth ran across the roads and into the bushes. We saw a moose running along side the road. We saw a bald eagle making circles in the sky. After coming off of highway 37 and onto Yellowhead Highway 16 we started seeing lots of cows and horses in the fields, which thrilled my Alaskan boys.

Bear 1
Yellowhead Highway
Tanner picked me flowers
Tanner found a bug, Dillan came and threw it.

Finding a place to camp along Yellowhead Highway proved to be a challenge. We ended up putting up our tent on some land that was for sale, along the highway. By the time we pulled the sleeping bag up to our chins, there was a big yellow moon out and it was totally dark outside. Tanner said "What is that noise? Sounds like Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" Brandon and I started laughing. Crickets.



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