Saturday, July 27, 2013

AK2MT - Day 2

July 23, 2013 - Day 2

Kluane Lake, Yukon - Dease Lake, BC 590 miles

Fuel stops - 3

Pit stops - 2

Movies - Curious George, Rio(twice), Toy Story, Bambi, Callio


I had a horrible nights rest. Dillan slept next to me. He didn't want to settle down. He is a total wiggle worm when he sleeps. At one point I found him squished between the tent wall and mattress, on the floor. After that he wanted his face pressed to mine while he slept. Everyone, except Dillan, got up early. He was carried to the Tahoe in his jammies, still sleeping, while we tore down camp. He got up to play for a bit before we left though.

Sleepy little Dillan
Maggie didn't want to leave camp
Wild strawberries
Wild strawberries
Wild Strawberries

The rest of the day hummed along. I didn't read or crochet because there was too much scenery to take in. The boys watched movies, did flash cards and played with toys. We stopped for over an hour for lunch and played around. Maggie gets really bad anxiety on long car rides now, so she was given a sedative to put her out for a little while.

Driving through Yukon Territory
Driving through Yukon Territory
Driving through Yukon Territory
Lunch in the making
Lunch break
Playing after lunch

We decided to take Highway 37, which is a more scenic, less populated route. The roads were narrow and had no lines on them. We saw one moose and lots of squirrels. Our first day.

Highway 37
Highway 37

After traveling 146 miles down Highway 37, we decided to set up camp. It was nearing dark and raining. We were on the lookout for a little pull off that would be big enough for our tent. As we were driving along the rain let up and a campground with only one person in it appeared. That is where we made camp for the night.



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