Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tanner at Two

Tanner made his way into this world two years ago today.  I can't believe how quickly two years have slipped by.  Tanner is a spit-fire; rowdy, loud with endless amounts of energy.  My son is gregarious; when in public he's saying HI! and waving to everyone.  I overheard a man telling his wife that Tanner was going to be a future mayor! He still isn't saying a whole lot of words, but he gets his point across.  He's still using some signs, he has some pretty awesome sound affects, and he uses the words he does have with lots of emphasis, usually on the wrong syllable, which makes me laugh!

My friend Brandi Powell does a list of favorites for her daughter each year.  I'm going to copy her list and start doing it for Tanner each year.

Tanner's Favorites at age 2

Book: A Thomas the Train search and find book, Green Eggs and Ham, a pop up animal alphabet book.

Toy: A red sock monkey that he sleeps with and drags all over the house with him in the morning and after nap time.  A little little 4 wheeler that he scoots around on even though he's too big for it.

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with milk with peanut butter mixed in.

Way to be silly: Fist pump to music. Somersault around the house.

Way to be bossy: Yell MOOOOOOM or DAAAAAAD and then proceed to jibber-jabber and point at what he's talking about. Tell the dogs DOWN or OUT! Yell GOOOOOO when the red light turns to green.

Thing to wear: PJ's

Word/Phrase: "Uh-Oh", "No-No" while wagging his finger, "Yucky",  "Hi". "Yee-Haw"

Color: I would say brown since anytime we paint he just mixes everything together!

Person to Call: Auntie Aut on the phone. Grandma Florence and Grandpa Brent on FaceTime.

Snack: At Auntie Bridgett's either lays potato chips or ghardettos.  At home; carrot sticks, cheddar cheese, fruity snacks, lucky charms.

Animal: His dogs, fish and birds at the pet store.

Movie: Rio

Game: Hide and seek, chase with his daddy.  Angry birds Rio on the iPad.  Wii Mario Cart.

Song: The Happy Birthday song.  5 little monkeys with actions.  Songs off of Rio.

Thing to do: Play in water; in the tub, sink, shower, dog dish, cups.

Place to play: His Auntie Bridgett's house with his cousins.  His buddy Daniel's house.

Thing to throw a fit over: EVERYTHING!!!! Just depends on the moment.

Way to help momma: He's great in the kitchen and with laundry.

Way to help daddy: Shovel snow.  Help chop and haul firewood to the house.  Tinker around in the garage.

Time of the day: Mornings. He likes his morning routine of getting up, having breakfast and watching cartoons.

Way to exercise: If I do workout videos he's right by my side doing them too.  He loves to walk around outside and terrorize the house.

Chore: Putting toys into their bins. Throwing his dirty diapers into the trash.

Place to go: To Brandon's work to play and have dinner.

New life skill: Putting his own big boy undies on. Brushing his teeth. 

Thing to do like momma: He likes to try to put my shirts on. Drink coffee or tea or hot cocoa.

Thing to do like daddy: DANCE!

Big person thing to do: Wash his body in the tub, brush his teeth, put big boy undies on.

Way to be sweet: Kiss me goodnight through the slats of his crib.

Thing to try to get away with: Slamming his hands on the TV.  Grabbing either my phone or Brandon's phone and running with it.  Hitting the dogs with kitchen utensils.


At December 18, 2011 at 11:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah! I love it! This is my favorite post! I love going back and re-reading old ones! Happy Birthday Tanner!


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