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I have no words of wisdom.  No titillating thoughts.  I'm drawing a blank and am just going to post the blog anyways.  Some weeks are just like that.

On to the week...

~Tanner and I made it to the Big Dipper to walk a few times this week.  We met up with my friends Liz and her kids Bailey and Brody.  Brody and Tanner are about 5 months apart and already Tanner is the same size as Brody.  

After Liz and I walked a mile we let the kids get out of their strollers and we all walked two laps.  Those two laps took as long to complete as it did for Liz and I to walk our miles, but were a lot more entertaining.

Brody fell, Tanner tripped and fell on him, Bailey just had to pose with the boys!
Overlooking the ice rink.  

~ Lots of sunshine this week made for lots of playing outside.  Brandon borrowed a snow blower when we had that big snow fall.  He had made a few paths in the back yard so that he'd be able to haul wood from the wood pile to the house.  Also paths for the dogs to go out and do their business.  At any rate Tanner and I made use of the paths.  

There was lots of tripping and falling into the banks and then just eating snow from those banks.  Tanner throws the biggest fits when it's time to go in.  Screaming, crying, kicking, slapping.  I wish it was warm enough just to let him play outside all day long!
Poor, cold little Duckie 

Drip. Drip. Drip.
~I had some leftover sauce from last week's lasagna so I made some spaghetti with it.  Tanner had THREE plates full.  He had a nice tight little drum belly by the time he made the sign for "all done".  

~ My sister-in-law Bridgett and a bunch of her charges came to play for about 30 minutes Friday.  I don't think that they've ever really played with Tanner's toys... he's got lots to share. 

This little guy, Brian, is about 3 months older than Tanner.  He stays with Bridgett on the weekends.  Tanner used to really enjoy beating up on Brian.  The push down, scratch-'em-up type of beatings.  This day Tanner did great.  He shared toys and didn't touch Brian once, in front of me... I guess when he was out of my sight the two fought over Tanner's new 4-wheeler, but much better than just attacking him out of nowhere.  

~I made some granola bars. I'm on a "homemade" kick.  I never have been one to make or buy much pre-packed stuff, which sometimes drives my husband insane.  Since having Tanner I think I've kicked it up a notch... I just like to know what is going into my sons body. I like to control the sugar and use whole wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour a lot.  These little babies sure looked good, but were rather dry.  I'm going to keep looking for a good granola bar recipe.  I also plan on making gold-fish crackers, and yogurt in the coming weeks.
Too bad they resemble sawdust in my mouth!
~Bridgett and her boyfriend Charles bought Bridgett's two oldest kids a snowmobile to share for their birthdays.  Over the weekend there was a snowmobile rendezvous out at a lake near our house.  We met the family out there and Brandon borrowed Bridgett's snowmobile and went riding with Isaiah for a little bit.  Bridgett is a lot braver than me about letting her kids ride motorized vehicles. I get nervous watching Brandon ride around, I can't imagine what it'll be like watching Tanner out there!  YIKES!

Some lovin' from Auntie!
Hangin' out with cousin Lucas on a snowbank
Scooting on his tush down a snowbank

"I can do it all by my self"

The "Backseatagains"

Gotta love a boy and his frozen blueberry mouth

Next week I'll have a subject to chat ya up about... this week just pictures.


At March 15, 2011 at 9:51 PM , Blogger Florence said...

But great pictures! Love Tanner in his outdoor gear, so cute all bundled up! His smile is the best medicine on a cloudy day!

At March 17, 2011 at 10:08 PM , Blogger Nannie said...

Love the speghitti, every good mom has a speghetti picture to share with their adult child of back in the days of childhood.


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