Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Visit From My Parents

My parents were here for a visit from August 17 through August 27th.  It felt like we were so busy during this time.

My dad and Brandon went fishing in Seward and caught a total of 50lbs of fish.  Their trip was extended by a day.  They left home on the 19th and drove to Anchorage to pick up Brandon's brother, grandpa, step-dad and Brandon's brother's friend.  From there the six of them drove to Seward and spent the night.  The next morning the weather was too bad for them to charter a boat for fishing so they had to head back to Anchorage empty handed.  Everyone, besides Brandon and my dad, left that night for home. The next morning Brandon and my dad headed back to Seward and fished for the day.  After a day of fishing they went back to Anchorage, spent the night and then finally headed back to Fairbanks. 

Brandon and his grandpa

My dad and Brandon with the entire boats catch... they kept 50lbs of this.

While the men were away my mom, Tanner, Dillan and I stuck around the house, played at the park, went into Fairbanks a did a little shopping, and went to Creamer's Field to check out the birds.  I was a little stressed during this time because with Brandon gone Tanner decided it would be a swell time to act out and throw tantrums.  As my mom said; he is two years old and has just figured out he has a mind of his own.  It's tough when I want things done my way and Tanner wants them done his.  We still had a fun time though.

A tree fell in our backyard and it had Tanner all sorts of concerned

Pushing those babies
Enjoying a Thai Iced Tea at Thai Cuisine Restaurant in North Pole

Grandma was cool enough to get in this truck... Now Brandon and I always have to get in this truck when we go to the park. THANKS GRANDMA! ;)

Park Play
Tanner at Creamer's Field

My mom and Dillan at Creamer's Field

Brandon celebrated his 33rd birthday on the fishing boat.  When he returned home we celebrated again.  I made him a German Chocolate cake from scratch.  It was delicious!  Tanner loved putting candles on his cake and singing happy birthday to his daddy. 
Gift from the DeGroot Family

Gift from my parents

As a big ol' family we took long drives and went fishing.  We made awesome meals together, as well as had a night at the Turtle Club, kid free.

Green Beans and mixed greens from the Farmer's market, Salmon that Brandon caught, Roasted Beet Salad that I made. YUM!

Mom and I enjoying a lunch on our own at Pikes Landing before an afternoon of shopping.

Photo by Tanner



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Great photos! Looked fun!


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