Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well Child Visits

Both boys went in for their check ups today. I had spaced out bringing Tanner in after his 3rd birthday until I called to make an appointment for Dillan's 12 month. I was worried about bringing them both in at the same time because they are such handfuls in public, but they did relatively good.

This was the first year Tanner had to have an eye exam. He thought it was so fun getting to shout out UMBRELLA. APPLE. HOUSE. as the figures were being pointed at. He also got his blood pressure checked with a cuff, which was "like giving his arm a hug". He was very shy around Dr. Short, but did as he was asked. He will not have to be seen again for another year.

Height ~ 37.3 inches 50%

Weight ~ 33.0 lbs 38%

BMI ~ 16.24 58%

Dillan was EXTREMELY shy with the doctor. He didn't want to look at him and squirmed away anytime he was touched. He'll be back for another well child visit in 3 months.

Height ~ 29.72 inches 47%

Weight ~ 19lb 13oz 10%

Head Circ ~ 45.5cm 24%


Both boys got shots today. Tanner got the flu shot and Dillan 5 different ones. He'll have to go back in 30 days for his booster flu shot and to get his finger pricked to check his iron levels.

Waiting for shots.
Sad little legs.



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